Feeling A Little Blue


5¾” diameter lidded Plum bowl with blue stone inlay

The reddish tones of this beautiful Plum wood dish are accentuated by the bright blue of the crushed stone inlay in the Beech lid. Small amounts of the stone fill cracks in the bowl.

The blue in the Chrysocolla stone comes from copper. Chrysocolla has been as a gemstone for carvings and ornamental use since antiquity.

Last summer, I was giving away leftover construction materials. When the recipient found out I was a woodturner, he offered to bring me some wood. The next day, several chunks of beautiful Plum wood appeared on my doorstep. Plum is not available commercially due to very small tree sizes, so I was delighted with this gift!

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Weight 342 g
Dimensions 15.0 × 15.0 × 8.0 cm

Beech, Plum


Crushed Chrysocolla stone